This is the moment guys the name is Biswas although people choose to call me “Bee” like the Bumble Bee. I am a Fine art student. I make art and model my own clothes. Have you heard of Nepal? Metaphorically I use M.C.S because I believe in High-Power and it’s just an alter ego name for my blog and projects I will be doing in future. People get Nepalese faces mixed with Indian and other Asians; simply because our country is sandwiched between India and China and also Tibet, so there is a lot of mix-mash and culture clash; versatile in a broader sense. We are a very unique people and if given a chance we will take all your I am messing. We have been living in England for a long time because our ancestors “The great Ghurkhas” have fought and died for the royal Queen Elizabeth during the World War 2 (brave like that yo!) And we are the only people in the world to receive “George Medal posthumously.” Sorry to just ramble on about my culture but I thought a bit of info would help you guys understand our existence better :) Remember to stay coolin' yall! If you have any questions just ASK! ;-)

Met God today he said do your thing. arsethetic:

◊ by Michael Salisbury on Flickr.

VICE-Caged Heat
Photos: Curtis Buchanan
Styling: Miyako Bellizzi